Bring Out the Kid in You with DisInside and Star Wars

Child base movies and cartoons have a significant influence on the thinking and behavior of children, and they are both synonymous to Disney. Every child dreams of going to Disneyland and experiences the happiest story world on earth that was built and created as an ode to Walt Disney’s love for storytelling. Billions of people had visited the park since1955 with eight theme park lands within it.

The Fantasyland is about fairy tales where you can take a ride into Pinocchio’s world or fly through Peter Pan’s Neverland. Tomorrowland is a voyage to the future that will let you warped into the Star Wars universe or fire lasers with Buzz Lightyear. The look and feel of the French Quarters mimicked in New Orleans Square which hides the most elaborate Haunted Mansion. Toon Town lets you step into a cartoon world of Critter Country with the Splash Mountain as an ode to the musical movie Song of the South.

During a visit to Disneyland, you might get to meet Cinderella, Winnie the Pooh, Ariel, Bambi, Snow White, Captain Sparrow, Aladdin, or the cast of Toy Story.

Disneyland is lorded over by Mickey Mouse. And at the age of 89, it still remains the star and every day the park puts on parades and shows where all the characters mix. All kids who had experienced a visit to Disneyland were able to explore, enjoy and went home feeling the excitement of the place and the wonders of seeing all those characters in person. The illusion of Disneyland isn’t that easy to maintain since a great deal of money is needed to keep the park clean, fresh and operational.

Even a visit to the Park doesn’t come cheap since a couple of days stay will set a family back with a tidy sum. There are 11 Disney theme parks around the world with the 12th set to open in 2019 which will be Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, 2 are in Anaheim, 4 in Lake Buenavista, 2 in Tokyo, 2 in Paris and 1 in Hongkong. The Sleeping Beauty Castle is the icon of Disneyland Park which was built in the original theme park in Anaheim, California.

Since the newest Disney theme park will be called Star Wars” Galaxy Edge, kids would be ecstatic in owning cascos Star Wars (Star Wars helmets). Kids who had been Star Wars fan during the 80’s had been collecting Star Wars characters, posters, and costumes and during the ’97 screening, there were lots of fans who showed up in Stars Wars costumes.

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