Coconut Creek Landscaping Gearing for Urban Forestry Scheme

Coconut Creek had been known as the Butterfly Capital of the World and is a thriving and well-planned city that had always had a unique environmental consciousness and had been considered as one of the best cities to live in the US. Coconut Creek supports a diverse and growing business community, boosting of LEED-certified businesses, beautifully landscaped parks and greenways and upscale housing.

Coconut Creek landscaping scheme pushes on urban forestry. An urban forest is a collection of trees that are grown within the city to improve urban development and the quality of life of the people who work, live and spend time in urban landscapes. Benefits offered by urban forests includes filtering of water, air, sunlight, providing shelter to people and animals, serves are recreational areas for residents, slows down wind and storm water, and providing shades to homes and businesses which can lower air-conditioning cost and reducing unhealthy ozone rays coming in from the sun’s rays during summer.

Coconut Creek landscaping provides recommendations to landscapers about the types of trees and shrubs to be planted and their care, educate on butterfly gardening, backyard wildlife habitat, tree pruning information, whitefly pest information, street tree planting, the Mayor’s Monarch challenge and Arbor Day free tree and shrubs advocacy. The city had a distinctive small-town feeling but with the population explosion brought by new commercial and residential developments, city leaders had to confront the issues of protecting the environment, managing growth and maintaining the city residents’ quality of life.

The success of these efforts is seen today at Coconut Creek’s progress from farmland to a modern municipality. ET Landscaping has a big contribution to the progress of Coconut Creek landscaping by providing services such as landscaping, lawn maintenance, tree removal, tree trimming, stump grinding, sod installation/maintenance, fertilizing, sprinkler repair and other services. ET Landscaping had adhered to Florida-Friendly landscaping following the 9 principles required to achieve the State’s concern about protecting their environment.

ET Landscaping had been in the landscaping business for over 30 years now and had the necessary expertise and knowledge concerning the right type of trees and plants for the right place to attract wildlife, ability to maintain lawns by fertilizing, mowing, trimming, weeding, watering, mulching and recycling yard wastes, designing lawns to reduce stormwater runoff and protect waterways, and responsible elimination of yard pests.

Homeowners from Coconut Creek can contact ET Landscaping through their website to for their Coconut Creek landscaping services.