Crazy but Stylish Ways to Wear Socks this Year

How many pairs of socks do you own right now? Do you even pay close attention to how wear them or how other people wear them? Well, you might not realize this yet, but socks are some of the most important and must-have fashion accessories. But honestly, you probably know that already unless you’ve been living somewhere that civilization hasn’t reached before.

Back then, socks were commonly worn without allowing it to show and look proud outside the shoes. But now, those days were gone and it’s now up to you whether you still want to pull it back or not. Another thing that was left behind was the plain white socks. Though white socks are still used by students in school uniforms, white socks are not a choice outside. As a matter of fact, white socks become invisible for people who want to look more stylish with socks.

Today, sock shops promote bolder and more colorful socks that grab people’s attention in an instant. Hence, you will discover the craziest but most stylish ways to wear socks today. Right here, right now so read on!

Socks and Pumps

Typically, women don’t wear ankle length socks with pumps because they prefer to look more chic and stylish with none. However, you can change that now as pumps can look more rocking chic with a pair of ankle socks. Just be sure it’s not that thick to ensure your pump’s fit and not too bulky look. A pair of dress sock from one of the best online sock shops like is what you should with high heels to look more sophisticated.

Talking Socks

This doesn’t literally means that you’ll have to find a pair of socks that are actually talking. These are printed statement socks that look great on sports shoes, combat boots, and casual shoes. This can also look great on platform heels to create a dressier look.

Socks and Fishnets

This is crazy! But this is totally worth a try even if you’re wearing heels or sneakers. You can also wear socks inside the fishnets, how cool is that?

Socks on Socks

If you don’t get what this means, you can call it layered socks. To avoid making it look bulky, you have to look the thinner ones. Don’t be afraid to mix colors as it can add some impact on your overall outfit.

Neutral Socks

If you’re getting a hard time choosing the right color to wear for the day, consider wearing a neutral color from head to toe. Wearing a pair of socks that match the color of your shirt and skirt would really make people turn their heads even if you can’t find a pair of shoes that match.

Socks and Sandals

Some people find it too awkward to pair socks with sandals, but it’s actually cute especially during summer and spring. Socks will look great on jellies which are known as chunky sandals. However, they won’t look good on flip flops I’m telling you now.

So, which one is your favorite? Give each a shot and see for yourself which one looks best on you. If you want to revise it, that’s not a problem. Besides, that’s called being creative and that’s more important when dressing up. If you want more pair of socks to fill your entire closet with choices, visit the best online sock shops now by starting in When it comes to the coolest socks, they got what you need.