The #1 Coral Springs Landscaping Company that Gets Rid of Notorious Insect Lawn Buddies

Homeowners enjoy having a perfectly manicured lawn and investing hundreds of dollars to achieve it by hiring Coral Springs Landscaping companies like ET Landscaping. They wanted to ensure that they will be able to enjoy their lawn along with their family and friends to frolic and play, have a barbecue, drink and just be merry without any concern from insect bites and heaven, forbid a snake bite!

Although this may seem as a minor problem, lawn ants become nuisance when you see these mounds of trouble popping up on your lawn. Besides from being an eyesore, these mounds are annoying to anyone who wants to play and walk on the lawn. On the other hand, lawn ants are manageable and one of the Coral Springs landscaping companies that can help you with that is ET Landscaping. In fact, they can assist clients regarding any concern on lawn maintenance and landscaping.

Now, you need to know the type of lawn ants to contend with and the specific places they tend to nest aside from how to manage them.

Know What You’re Dealing With

Yellow ants are larger and called “foundation ants” since they nest in soil, rocks, and foundations in open yard areas. This ant species don’t forage for foods but “flying ants” may look alarming. Next are the “pavement ants” which are smaller and darker that nest under large rocks, sidewalks and concrete slabs. They also enter through cracks and crevices to search for food which they bring back to their nest. “Field ants” on the other hand are worker ants that forage food anywhere. They are found on patios, decks, sidewalks and indoors with their mounds that have a diameter of about 8-10 inches and this would really look such an eyesore on your lawn.

Don’t Let Them Ruin Your Plants!

ET Landscaping has all know-how on managing this nuisance. Ants have developed a symbiotic relationship with aphids and mealy bugs where they herd or farm these sap feeding insects to provide highly nutritious nectar or honey-dew. Ornamental plants will suffer from the parasitic effect of these homopterous little creatures so be sure to control them.

One way of exterminating ant colonies is by spraying or drenching the nest with liquid insecticide to totally eradicate the entire underground network of ants and applying insecticides carefully. ET Landscaping informs clients concerning the necessary precautions on the treated areas especially for kids and pets.

The use of granular baits scattered along pavements, sidewalks, patios, cracks, mounds is another option for those not willing to use liquid insecticide. A natural approach of ant removal is concocting a three-part water solution and dish soap to get rid of ants in the yard. This is very safe to use around kids and pets. ET Landscaping services will ensure that their client’s lawn will always be free of troublesome insects like ants, aphids, and mealy bugs that have always been the garden and lawn buddies.